Johnna Day BREAKFREE Album Review

My friend, Johnna Day, recently released her debut album entitled “Breakfree”.  There are seven tracks totally on the album. So, let’s break them down


1. Breakfree

2. More Than Anything

3. Something To Hold

4. I Don’t Blame You Now

5. Outside

6. Oh No

7. Live



A twangy soft rock/Colbie Calliat pop song about moving on from a relationship that went bad. Here, Johnna captures the emotion of the situation.  She comes off completely believable. It’s a great title track and really sets the tone for the entire album.

One of the strong lyrics in the song is the first line of the chorus where she says, “And I’ve seen the better part of me”. 

The good:  The emotion she captures in the song and the great and catchy chorus

The bad: It tends to have a lingering melodic structure that makes the song seem to go on for longer than 3 minutes, but I personally thinks it fits the theme and helps the emotion.

I would rate this song 4 out 5 stars. Like stated previous, her innocent emotion and awesome chorus really pushes this song to 5th place in my Top 5 favorites from the album.  I really enjoyed the track. Overall, worth a listen.

“More Than Anything”

A Paramore-like pop/rock song. Johnna takes complete 180 degree turn from the first track and rocks your face with a powerful ballad about a girl who’s finally laying all the cards out on the table to a guy about how she feels about him. He’s worth “more than anything” to her and she really tells the story to amazing instrumental.

The Good: I love the creepy spaceship sound opening and ending. It really adds to the whole overall sound. In my personal opinion, this is the best produced track on the album. Vocally, Johnna kills it.

The Bad: The chorus doesn’t pop as much as the previous song and the lyrics don’t stand out as much. You find yourself rocking out to the music rather than listening to what she actually has to say, even though the lyrics are quite good.

I would give this song 4 out of 5 stars. Johnna definitely proves that she’s more than just a country girl from KY. She can actually rock! It is a strand out track on the album due to the flawless production and vocals. This song takes 3rd place in my Top 5 from the album. Overall, really great track! You’ll love it.

“Something To Hold”

A pop/rock song. Johnna shows her originality on this track. She finds her own style and taps into something more spiritual than the first two tracks. She has a vulnerable tone to her voice and the vocals are ridiculously amazing. She layers a lot of the song with beautiful melodic structure and vocally underlines herself well.

The Good: This is the best song, emotionally. She seemed to really connect to this song while recording it. You can hear her really get into what she’s singing about. Vocally, my 3rd favorite song. She does a really good job. The chorus is amazingly written.

 The Bad: Lyrically, the verses are a little bland, short, and seem to be missing something.

Overall, I think Johnna captured the essence that she was going for with the way the song is sung and the powerful chorus. Even though the verses fall a little flat, the chorus is definitely one of the better ones on the entire album. I would rate this song 3.5 out of 5 stars. It doesn’t make my Top 5 favorites from the album, but I do connect with the song and I think you will too.

“I Don’t Blame You Now”

A bluesy/country pop-rock song. Johnna definitely puts in some vocal work on this track. She almost taps into a fusion flood gate of multiple genres. This definitely could be a cross-over hit.  It’s upbeat and very catchy.  Johnna gets very groovy on this track.

The Good: Lyrics are awesome! Melody and vocal layers are extremely beyond professional. Johnna has a lot of attitude in her voice on this one where you can get a feel for her feisty side. The lyrics are sarcastically clever and pack a powerful punch with all the metaphors. Lyrically, this is my favorite song on the entire LP.

The Bad: Although I enjoy the LP version of this song, it is best heard live. The production really doesn’t do this one justice for me.

Overall, I give this one 5 out of 5 stars! It is definitely one of my favorite tracks, taking 2nd place in my Top 5 from the album.  Her lyrics are the best on the entire album, if not her entire catalog. She stands out as an artist and individual on this track and you really get a feel for who she is and who she will be in the future. I recommend this song to anyone who loves music and want to hear something original and fresh.


A pop ballad. Johnna brings on the tears in this sad ballad about a collapsed relationship. The innocence in her voice makes you just feel really sad for her.  Johnna kind of catches an old Avril Lavigne feel with this track.

The Good: Simple lyrics that really make this song pop and stand out. Her innocence is very present throughout the entire song. Vocally, this is my 2nd favorite song on the entire album.

 The Bad: Although Johnna catches the innocence of the situation, she kinds of stays on the surface of things and misses the sad emotion for me. I didn’t feel the “vulnerableness” that this track needed from her. I wanted her to get really deep on me. It’s what the track called for.

Overall, I give this song 4 out of 5 stars for its simple lyrics and innocent undertone. Vocally, this song really pushes it to where it needs to go.  This is my 4th favorite in my Top 5. I say definitely get this one, for it really tugs at your heartstrings.

“Oh No”

Kelly Clarkson style pop song. Johnna is dealing with a guy who doesn’t know what he wants and it’s messing with her and she won’t put up with it anymore in this song. She puts that attitude back in her voice and really pushes this one right out. Live, this is a crowd favorite and it’s definitely a standout track on the album.

The Good: EVERYTHING! Lyrics! Vocals! Production! This is the best song on the album, hands down! Johnna really shut it down on this one. This is her hit!

The Bad: I have nothing negative to say about the song, honestly. I listened to it over and over and it’s almost flawless.

Overall, this is my favorite track from the album. This is the direction she needs to continue to go in with her career. She nailed this one. Of course, this song gets 5 out of 5 stars for its near perfection. Obviously, this is the #1 select for me and if you had to buy one song from her, go on iTunes, and download this track! You will listen to it every day like I do.


A Paramore-like track. Johnna brings back the rock sound to complete the album. This is another great produced track. The lyrics are addicted and easy to remember. The melody is very catchy as well.  The song is telling a story that’s almost and could be a Part Two to “Oh No”.

The Good: Great placement on the record. A great way to end the album. It’s upbeat and makes you wanna place the entire thing over. It’s a good song vocally, but the lyrics and the music really make this song to me.

The Bad: Not a stand out track. It kind of falls flat compared to the rest of the album, but it’s a great pick me up at the end of the album. It just doesn’t hit the target, which may be due to the fact that it plays right after “Oh No”, which is arguably the best song on the album.

Overall, this track is my least favorite, although I still very much like it. I give it 3 out of 5 stars. Lyrically the song is good and it is a great way to end the album. Obviously, it doesn’t make my Top 5, but don’t count this song out. It was a hit live at her CD release party.

The album as a whole gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars! This was a great first album and Johnna has a huge career in front of her. Standout Track is “Oh No” without competition in my book. The Sit Down Track for me is “Live”. Buy Johnna Day’s album BREAKFREE on iTunes as soon as it’s available. If you’re still a little weary about buying the whole thing, then I would download My Top 5, which goes like this:

#1: Oh No

#2: I Don’t Blame You Now

#3: More Than Anything

#4: Outside

#5: Breakfree


~ by Raymond Batey on April 16, 2010.

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  1. I like her stuff! Johnna is cool!

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