DONE! (To Whom It May Concern)

Literally, I’m done. I’m done with people to the complete max. They take your kindness for weakness and stupidity. Well, I’m far from weak and I’m a million miles from stupid.  One day you’re going to wake up and find that I don’t need you. Actually, I don’t need you now. I’ve done everything for you that I can possibly think of. I’ve given you the most, but yet and still, I get nothing in return. I go up to bat for you and I would do anything for you, but it’s sad to say that I know for a fact, none of you would do the same for me. I’ve invested too much of myself, my money, and my time in certain people. There is literally only like 6 people, besides my family, that I can say is down for me no matter what happens and that number is getting smaller every single day.  When I’m gone, don’t come looking for me. I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet and you’re messing that up.

I give and I give. Never once have these people ever asked, “Hey, Raymond. What can I do for you?” or “Raymond, I know you’re going through and having a hard time, is there something you need.” No! These people that I break my back for won’t even call me on my birthday. They won’t even text me; I have to text them first. I have to call them first. The only time they even contact me is when they need something. Anything! It’s always, “Raymond, would you mind…” or “Hey Ray. You busy? I need a hand.” and even when they don’t ask, I still ask them if they need anything or want anything and I don’t even get a thank you, kiss my butt, nothing. I’m just done. I’m not tired, I’m done. I give up. I will no longer be as available when you need anymore. I won’t be putting people that really matter to me on hold just to continue to get used. I’m not getting anything out of helping you, remember that. I don’t ask for anything. No money, no meal, or nothing. I just asked that you do for me when I need you.

I’m not freaking perfect people. I have problems, too. Sometimes I need somebody to talk to, to vent with. Somebody who will listen to me scream and scream with me. Somebody who will get excited when I’m excited. Just a real friend. I feel like I don’t have any of those right now. I feel like it’s just business. It’s wearing me down and it shouldn’t be. So this is to you. The people who think Raymond will always be there when you need him, but continue to think nothing of him. The people who continue to call on me only when they need me and throw me away once their done. The people who aren’t really friends, just people who keep me around, because they can get something out of it. I’m done with you. You have been evicted from my life. Suddenly, you will notice that Raymond isn’t answering phone calls, too. You will notice that Raymond won’t respond to text. You will notice that Raymond is a person and not some stupid, weak, and use-when-need-him “groupie”.

Don’t worry; you will still be in my presence. I will acknowledge that you are there. But, just remember that I will no longer go out of my way to make sure things go smoothly for you. I will not go out of my way to make sure that you have a great day. I’m positively, absolutely, completely, undeniably, and incontrovertibly done with you!

No comments needed on this one, because the people who read this are Quita and E, which you two aren’t even included in this. I love you, Quita. You’re all I have in this world and I miss you and I can’t live without you.


~ by Raymond Batey on March 20, 2010.

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